Sunday, June 6, 2010

Mo' Money Blues

One last thing. My two eldest children have recently taken to commenting on my money management.  This led to the following discussion with my 16 year old last night.

16:  Why didn't I get to go to a concert for my Grade 8 Grad?

Me:  You got a fucking $200 guitar. Yes, I'm aware profanity and parenting don't mix. Please note the Title...PMS.

16:  It was only $190.

Me: No, it was over $200 and I can check that. I know it was.  Don't really have a way to confirm. Not without more effort than I'm actually willing to put forth.

16:  Whatever.

Me:  I'm tired of you people commenting on my money.  I eat shit everyday (at work) for my money and if I fucking want to spend it all on magic beans and vodka I can!  At this point I can hear my husband giggling at the table.  Had the hormones not been raging, I might have joined him.  However feeling too indignant.

16:  Muttering to himself and likely wishing he'd never said anything.

Me:  It's one concert ticket.  Like a dog with a bone.  She even offered to pay for half.

16: Okay! Fine! Good!

So in hindsight I may have overreacted.  A little. Why my daughter wants to see Justin Bieber in concert is beyond me, but then again, at 13, I possessed my very own Milli Vanilli tape. I can't therefore judge.

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