Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I've decided to create a blog dedicated only to PMS. Why, you ask? Because mine is rampant and unpredictable and while in the throes of it I fail to see the humour but after all is said and done it's readily apparent.

This month brought immeasurable sadness and depression. What's funny about that? Nothing. What is funny is the actual number of cookies ingested over this past weekend. I baked over four dozen peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and I swear to God, ate 18 of them. Not in one sitting. I probably had half a dozen the night I baked them (Saturday) and then I had three or four (five) more after spin Sunday morning. That's right, I dragged my ass out in a bad ass blizzard to work out; to take part in the dreaded painful spin. It was an extra hard class. I had never taken a class from this instructor before and my hand to God, I will never do it again. So hard to breathe, chest pain in the extreme...I did it though because I don't want to get 'fat'. So logically, I came home and ate three (five) cookies with a big glass of milk. For breakfast.

And so the story went. I got my husband to buy pop Sunday night too because I needed it. It normally takes me two to three days to finish a 500 mL bottle of pop because it's not really my favourite. That night I chugged 'Cola' (we're on a budget) with reckless abandon and relished every moment of it.

I ate and ate and ate and ate some more. Contemplated the stunning drudgery and hopelessness of my life. Drank 4 litres of milk and licked the crumbs out of the cookie jar. Then 'it' was here and all was well with the world again. Well, maybe not all was well, but today I ate food that did not contain chocolate or sugar and survived. I even ate an orange (and a KitKat but that's not the point) .

Anyway, I'll keep you posted as to what fun next month will bring...stay tuned!

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