Sunday, March 14, 2010

The Resurrection of a Blog

I was recently asked why there hadn't been any further posts on this blog...I have questioned the same thing and tried to think of something of importance or entertainment to share with you last month. I couldn't come up with anything. Don't get me wrong, I most certainly had PMS. Just nothing extraordinary occurred. So this got me to thinking, with the way things have been over the past few weeks (months) I feel as though I am in a constant state of PMS.

However, there was a recent incident with cupcakes....I need you all to picture Vince Vaughn eating muffins in either the Wedding Crashers or Fred Claus. That's pretty much all that needs to be said. Except for the fact that Vince was not hiding from his two and six year old sons while attempting to eat whole cupcakes in rapid succession mere minutes before dinner. Nope, that would be me.

Work has been increasingly busy (and still as shitty) and I've often self-soothed with food in the past but not like this in recent memory. My lovely daughter made cupcakes last weekend and I believe it was Tuesday or Wednesday after work that I came home and turned on them like a crack addict on the rock. Again though, I have small children in my home and they have been told, repeatedly, they shall not have any treats before supper. So there I stood, in my professional wear, cramming chocolate cupcakes (2) into my mouth. Bellied up tight to the counter in hopes I would not be caught. And I wasn't. Surprisingly though, I did not have a big appetite for supper that evening...

Then there is the crying. I'm tearing up insanely easily and irrationally as of late. A mom singing on Ellen brought me to tears much to the amusement of both my adolescent (read: cold-hearted) children. And finally, last night in bed, I drove my husband to distraction (not in a good way) and then laughter as I tried to settle in. This is a common pattern of behaviour but during this particular time it becomes somewhat exaggerated. I cannot get comfortable for love or money and after much tossing and turning and foul language from my husband I burst into uncontrollable laughter followed by tears. For the record, I usually laugh so hard at myself that he can't help but join in, so not all is lost.

Let's see a show of hands for who's jealous of my husband?

Heh heh. That's what I thought.

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