Thursday, May 6, 2010

Rx: Fudgee-Os and Double-Stuffed Oreos

Yes boys and girls that dreaded time is upon me (and my household) once again.  I am a cranky bloated girl.  Luckily I am also enjoying a week off from work so the irritability level is ever so slightly down a notch.  Slightly.

Mostly I just want to lay on the couch in a caftan and stuff my face.  Then nap. With not being at work I have had serious naps the last two afternoons.  My poor six year old has not yet figured that mommy+movie in the afternoon= nap.  Or at the very least to keep a blanket away from me. Once I have the blanket I'm done.

Another bonus experience of being off work for this oh so joyful time of womanhood is I have worn sweatpants everyday this week. Earlier in the week I made the effort to wear jeans if I left the house.  Today, when I went to purchase said cookies, I not only wore my sweats but my hoodie which was covered in cat and dog hair from the couch and blanket at nap time.  Hot.

But I'm feeling somewhat satiated although more bloated as I just inhaled two Fudgee-Os, one Oreo and a glass of milk.  Some of you are scoffing right now as three cookies is really child's play.  What you may not have noted is the time.  It's not even 7 p.m. yet.  Silly children.  I will work my way through the rest of those cookies through the evening and probably partake of whatever's left for breakfast.

And then, just maybe, I'll twirl in slow motion...

If you don't get the twirling reference there is an awesome Kotex commercial out there right now...Google it and enjoy!

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